Tunnel safety

Unauthorized people entering railway or subway tunnels, this can cause dangerous situations and delays of trains and metros. Why not equip these entries with radar?
False alarms caused by trains? Not with our radars. We have the option to program the radars in such a way that we can distinguish people from trains.
Therefore the number of false alarms significantly reduces. Radar can be a very valuable addition to the current security systems, such as cameras, already present at tunnels.

Olaf Biezeman, 24 april 2015


Protect the VRU (Vulnerable Road User)

Cars, trucks, busses but also pedestrians and cyclists, we’re all using the same space in cities. Nowadays the focus on protecting the vulnerable road user (VRU) is bigger than ever. A lot of this effort now focuses on the cars and trucks itself.

Gradually you see (radar) detectors being implemented at dangerous spots to warn drivers for the presence of VRU’s. A lot of these detection systems are based on simple Doppler sensors.
The result: a lot of false warnings and the efficiency and effectivity of these systems become less and less or even worse: drivers start to ignore them since they expect false alarms.
Why not investing a bit more and use more intelligent sensors? It will definitely increase the safety……

Olaf Biezeman, 22 april 2015