RadarEye makes the difference at Sibelco

Orlaco launched its innovative safety system Radareye in 2012. Radarxense developed the radarsensors of this system to Orlacos specifications. The sensor fulfill the stringent ISO16750 specification and are in use at many (ofroad) operators worldwide. One of the companies is Sibelco in Belgium.
Sibelco extracts and refines various types of sand and minerals. These mainly relate to top quality silica sands for industry.
Sibelco came across Radar eye in April 2012. Sibelco had wheelloaders equiped with ultra sonic safety systems which operated more or less fine, but the systems had their typical disadvantages of an ultrasonic system: latency in responses and more sensitive to environmental conditions.

RadarEye suitable in harsh conditions
After a succefull trial period in which the radardetection system was evaluated together with the ultrasonic system, the Radareye system (with the Radarxense sensors) was clearly the better choice. Major differentiators where the insensitivity to dust, sand and the clear vision on the Orlaco display. This resulted in the adoption of Radareye for all the Sibelco wheelloaders in the BeNeLux


The various components of the Radar eye safety system, the camera, high resolution monitor and the Radarxense sensors.
Radarxense and Orlaco engineering teams have designed, tested and validated such sensor system benefitting from indepth knowhow and experience for today’s and future radartechnology applications.
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Photographs courtesy of Orlaco