Sensys Gatso

Radarxense has an extensive knowledge in traffic – and speed enforcement radars. One of our customers is Sensys Gatso, a well established name in traffic enforcement systems. Sensys Gatso has decades of experience in enforcements systems.


One of the challenges Sensys Gatso faced was to minimize the installation time and complexity of an in-car enforcement system. In-car radar systems which are available on the market today, do require a reference speed input to determine the own speed.

Radarxense developed a radar sensor based on Sensys Gatso’s own radar antenna, which does not require the reference input. The unique algorithms can determine the speed of the enforcement vehicle itself and while driving the radar measures also the speed of the passing vehicles. This allows the user to measure speed of passing vehicles in multiple lanes while driving on the right lane. In stationary mode the radar can also determine the speed and lane of both receding and approaching traffic.
The radar itself is a compact design which can easily be integrated behind the license plate.