Salt silos managed carefree

Managing the amount of road salt in a silo is a real challenge. After all: the implication of the winter weather on our roads is difficult to predict. At peak times, the silo may be ‘suddenly’ empty.

Rhenen municipality therefore takes a different approach. They recently started working with our Spider IOT-system. On top of the silo a radar-unit continuously measures the level through the silotop and sends the leveldata into the cloud. The administrator/responsible person for ordering the salt receives a preset notification per email. This notification is fully configurable and is based on an alert at a certain level.

The installation of the Spider IOT system is simple and non-invasive: no need for drilling holes and the system is not susceptible to frost since there are no moving parts. The battery of the Spider, which is charged with a solar cell, continues to function well under winter conditions, this has been proven by long term testing under winter conditions during the development of the Spider. We offer our services via subscription: so no need to worry about SW maintenance and updates.


Radarxense’s DRT514 boosts in-car speed enforcement

Mosy Solutions, member of the Soitron group,  recently succesfully homologated their in-car speed enforcement system. This solution is based on Radarxense’s DRT514 Speed over ground radar, which is integrated and customised by a succesfull cooperation between the two companies. The speed enforcement system is an add on to the advanced m*Patrol  system. A good example of delivering the best radar for the job.

More information can be found here and at


RXS-LM-10 in Liefkenshoek tunnel

Our classification radar, the RXS-LM-10 is implemented succesfully in the Liefkenshoek tunnel, Belgium. The radar are used to count, classify and measure speed of passing traffic. The simple but effective telegram structure allowed an easy integration in the total tunnel system.


Succesful pilot for level measurement in silo’s

A customer of Radarxense recently concluded a succesfull pilot of measuring the feed level in agricultural silo’s. The pilot lasted for a year on multiple silos and more then 250.000 measurements are recorded without any problems.

For Radarxense an exciting step as this is the first high volume IOT application for Radarxense. The level measurement radar is based on a 60GHz radar module with a large bandwidth. Are you interested in more information, please get in contact and we’ll discuss the best radar for your task!


Radarxense at Intertraffic 2018

Our newest product will be introduced this year 2017. At the Intertraffic 2018 we will share with you our versatile traffic experiences of latest radar technology for moving- and stationary objects on large traffic crossings and at busy city-rings. We would like to talk with you about our results versus your opportunities for current- and future traffic applications.  

Feel free to contact us for our possibilities on samples or just for more information.



We would like to inform you with our latest development.

This month we proudly present our Low Power version of the traffic monitoring radar RXS-DR-10.
This radar measures the velocity of an approaching or receeding target. Range information is also measured for this target. Information on the moving target is presented in a telegram sent over the serial line output. Through a control pin the radar can be periodically switched on and off.

Ultra fast booting and a fast settling of the radar allows pulsed operation, lowering the supply current to roughly 10mA. First production units are available end of March.

Please click here for more details.


ISO9001 certification

Radarxense has chosen to have its internal processes certified against the ISO9001:2008 standard. Last week the process has been concluded with a succesfull certification. Radarxense is now ISO9001:2008 certified by DEKRA, certification number 2172762.


Radarxense Broadway technology

Radarxense has a vast experience in developing tracking radars. The Broadway range bring this technology is to the traffic monitoring market.
The first broadway product introduced is the RXS-TR-10

The design goals were:
– Easy installation (both roadside and gantry)
– Simple, industry standard communication protocols
– Small form factor
– Rugged, IP67 housing
– Unbeaten cost/performance ratio

One single 10 x 10 cm radar can measure traffic in minimal 4 lanes. The output of the radar is a RS422 telegram, consisting of speed information and a X and Y position relative to the radar. This allows an easy integration in the complete monitoring system.

The detection range of the radar is up to 70 Meters and the speed accuracy is better then 5%. The efficiency of the radar strongly depends on the installation, roadside installation will result in a lower efficiency due to blocking/shadowing of vehicles in the first lane. The highest efficiency (> 95 %) will be achieved with a gantry installation.

Once the Radar is installed and switched on, an auto calibration procedure is started automatically.
This procedure will run until the y values reach a constant level. This allows the radar to pass on information on the lane in which a vehicle is driving (one can derive the lane from the y-value which the radar passes on).
During the auto calibration phase the radar will output a counter value. This allows the user to clearly identify if the radar is in calibration mode or in monitoring mode.

The radar has a small form factor. It just measures 10 x 10cm and it has a single output connector. This is a 4 pole M12 connector, in following configuration:
brown: +12V
blue: GND
black: RS422 A
white: RS422 B