RAMET a.s. (www.ramet.as) specializes in development and production of active and passive radar systems. With its tradition dating back to 1955, the company supplies state-of-the-art surveillance systems for ATC purposes and ELINT reconnaissance systems. RAMET is also one of market leaders in law enforcement products.


RAMET wanted to upgrade their existing line of speed built in speed measurement system by giving their customers the option of also measuring the distance to a target. This would allow the user to determine which target on which lane made the offence. As RAMET had already a fully operational speed measurement set-up, they opted to use a Radarxense module as a secondary measurement device to determine the distance of a target. The RAMET engineering team created a perfect solution without having to re-engineer the speed measurement section of the system.

A good example of expanding current systems with standard Radarxense radars. For more information about this system, please visit www.ramet.as