Salt silos managed carefree

Managing the amount of road salt in a silo is a real challenge. After all: the implication of the winter weather on our roads is difficult to predict. At peak times, the silo may be ‘suddenly’ empty.

Rhenen municipality therefore takes a different approach. They recently started working with our Spider IOT-system. On top of the silo a radar-unit continuously measures the level through the silotop and sends the leveldata into the cloud. The administrator/responsible person for ordering the salt receives a preset notification per email. This notification is fully configurable and is based on an alert at a certain level.

The installation of the Spider IOT system is simple and non-invasive: no need for drilling holes and the system is not susceptible to frost since there are no moving parts. The battery of the Spider, which is charged with a solar cell, continues to function well under winter conditions, this has been proven by long term testing under winter conditions during the development of the Spider. We offer our services via subscription: so no need to worry about SW maintenance and updates.