Radar on AGV’s

Automated Guided Vehicles

The performance of Automated Guided Vehicles depends entirely on their ability to perceive the environment and to interpret these observations.

Our new SDR (Software Defined Radar) family of radars provides solutions for anti-collision, safety and navigation. These mimo radar systems can measure distance, speed and angle in azimut and elevation simultaneously.

They can provide AGV’s with the necessary real-time information about their environment, obstacles and intruders. Radar avoids the collision against stationary and moving obstacles along the path and provides vital data to onboard and remote systems.

Proven technology

For instance, when field testing the SDR radarsystems on several AGV’s, we achieved succesfull real-time detection of obstacles, humans, pets, metal fences, walls, doors, etcetera.

Best radar for the job

Because data is decisive for the performance of the unmanned vehicles, concessions to the information precision are undesirable. A radarmodule is not disturbed by, for example, rain or dust.

The best radar for the job provides reliable and unperturbed information of great precision for excellent performance of your unmanned vehicle.

Whether it’s for anti-collision or obtaining data for the control of other functions of an Automated Guided Vehicle – with the choice of Radarxense your vehicle will performs at its best.

Ensure your Automated Guide Vehicle of maximum performance. Involve us in the development process of your vehicle and we deliver the best radar for the job!